Weaving Tradition with Technology

Session 8 Outline

Session 8: Practice Presentations & Final Touches Peer Feedback: Comments and suggestions Welcome feedback Celebrate the small wins

Session 7 Outline

Session 7: Presentation Prep & Website Work (Getting Ready to Show Off) Testing Website Designs: The process of evaluating whether or not a web product meets the required standards. Checking to see if everything on your website works well.

Session 6 Outline

Session 6: Wireframing (Planning Your Pages) Iteration: A procedure in which repetition of a sequence of operations yields results successively closer to a desired result. Sample, test, repeat your website many times to make it better. Feedback: Information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a […]

Session 5 Outline

Session 5: Administration & Marketing (Being the Boss of Your Website) Domain Name: The part of a network address that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain. The address of your website that people type to visit it. Social Media Profiles: Accounts created on social media platforms for individuals or organizations. Pages on places […]

Session 4 Outline

Session 4: User Interface (Making things look good) ChatGPT: An AI model developed by OpenAI that interacts in a conversational way. A smart robot that can write text for you. Adobe Firefly: A tool for creating and sharing visual assets. A tool for creating pictures and other cool visuals. User Interface (UI): The space where […]

Session 3 Outline

Session 3: Menus & Widgets Navigation Menus: The part of a website that guides visitors on what is available on the site and where to find it. These help people find their way around your website, like a map. Widgets: Small applications or program snippets that can be embedded into a website to provide a […]

Session 2 Outline


Date: Thursday, June 6
Focus: Importance and design of the homepage, responsive design
Activities: Brainstorming content, hands-on practice with Elementor

Figma shortcuts

Tools Move tool: VSticky note: SLine: LConnector: CMarker: MText tool: TOpen assets panel: ⌘2Place image: ⇧⌘KEmote / Stamp wheel: EAdd / Show comments: C View Show / Hide UI: ⌘ Multiplayer cursors: ⌘⇧ Pan: Space dragZoom in: +Zoom out: –Zoom to 100%: ⌘0Zoom to fit: ⌘1Zoom to selection: ⌘2 Edit Copy: ⌘CCut: ⌘XPaste: ⌘VPaste over […]

Essential Links

Essential Links WordPress: WordPress.com – For creating and managing websites. Slack: Slack.com – For communication and collaboration among participants and instructors. Figma: Figma.com – For wireframing, design, and prototyping of websites. Elementor: Elementor.com – A WordPress plugin used for building web pages visually. Unsplash: Unsplash.com – Free stock images for use in web projects. Pexels: […]

Session 1 Outline

Welcome to Session 1 Resource Page! This list features [most] key terms used in web development and design, and some we’ll be using during our time together.