Essential Links

  1. WordPress: – For creating and managing websites.
  2. Slack: – For communication and collaboration among participants and instructors.
  3. Figma: – For wireframing, design, and prototyping of websites.
  4. Elementor: – A WordPress plugin used for building web pages visually.
  5. Unsplash: – Free stock images for use in web projects.
  6. Pexels: – Another source for free stock images.
  7. iWantMyName: – A tool for domain name research and registration.

Additional Resources

  • Elementor PlaygroundLearn how to move the page around without committing to the changes.
  • WordPress PlaygroundWhere you will learn useful ways to access your website dashboard without breaking the page. 
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics – For tracking and reporting website traffic.
  • Adobe Firefly: Adobe Firefly – For creating and editing visual assets.
  • SEO Basics Guide: Moz SEO Guide – A beginner’s guide to understanding and implementing SEO.
  • Social Media Marketing Guide: Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Guide – A guide to creating a social media marketing strategy.
  • Responsive Web Design Basics: Responsive Design – An introduction to making web designs work on any device.
  • Canva: – For designing graphics and visual content easily.

These links and resources provide the tools and knowledge necessary for participants to be successful in the program, helping them build, design, and manage effective websites while also learning key digital marketing strategies.