Figma shortcuts


Move tool: V
Sticky note: S
Line: L
Connector: C
Marker: M
Text tool: T
Open assets panel: ⌘2
Place image: ⇧⌘K
Emote / Stamp wheel: E
Add / Show comments: C


Show / Hide UI: ⌘ \
Multiplayer cursors: ⌘⇧ \
Pan: Space drag
Zoom in: +
Zoom out: –
Zoom to 100%: ⌘0
Zoom to fit: ⌘1
Zoom to selection: ⌘2


Copy: ⌘C
Cut: ⌘X
Paste: ⌘V
Paste over selection: ⌘V
Bring forward: ⌘J
Send backward: ⌘[
Bring to front: ⌘⇧J
Send to back: ⌘⇧[
Group selection: ⌘G
Lock / Unlock selection: ⌘L

Copy and Paste this image into Figma


Bold: ⌘B
Italic: ⌘I
Underline: ⌘U
Create link: ⌘K
Strikethrough: ⌘X
Text align left: ⌘⇧L
Text align center: ⌘⇧T
Text align right: ⌘⇧R
Text align justified: ⌘⇧J
Numbered list: ⌘7
Bulleted list: ⌘8
Increase indentation: ⌘]
Decrease indentation: ⌘[


New shape or sticky (while editing): ⌘⇧⇥
Edit text (while editing): ⌘⇧⇥
Align left: ⌘A
Align right: ⌘D
Align top: ⌘W
Align bottom: ⌘S
Align center: ⌘H and ⌘V
Tidy Up: ^⌘T
Straight connector or line: ⌘ Drag
Flip horizontal: ⌘H
Flip vertical: ⌘V
Undo: ⌘Z
Redo: ⌘⇧Z